GAFF: Home Made Gimmicks|$49.95
Ever wanted to give out your gaffed card as a souvenir? Have you ever wanted to create your own gaffed cards? Want to never run out of them? Wait no more! Learn to perform over 40 of the most incredible tricks with gaff cards! Learn, step by step from the performer's view, how to construct and use these gimmicks and tricks. If you want original magic - this is for you!
Coin Master   |
Coin Master is your way to do impossible coin magic. Impossible sleights of hand that have never been able to be done in short sleeves, are now possible!!! So what are you waiting for?
Become a Coin Master today!
Bent-Coin Routine|
Barcode   |
This DVD will teach you how to bend, crush and tear a borrowed signed coin in front of your spectators.Bent provides you with an illusion that will leave your friends and audience speechless.
Bend, Crush, Tear... Amaze.
With "Barcode" you will be able to make a chosen card appear inside a barcode, make the numbers change or even cause a coin to merge into it! With Barcode you can alter Barcodes anywhere and anytime!
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