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Opening new doors to magic
We are a unique group of magicians trying to create new and professional magic for all of you to enjoy! We are hoping to spread as much joy and fun to the world through our magic. That's why our motto is - "Opening new doors to magic" . Magic is all about evolving and creating. It is also about opening up to others and amazing them with unimaginable possibilities.
A few years ago the Doorway Magic team met up at a local bar and thought about performing magic tricks at the bar in order to get a few free beers… Not only did it work but we actually came up with some interesting new ideas and concepts that were never done before by anyone in the magic world! We decided to take it a higher level and we started coming up with some new ideas that impressed even the most experienced magicians.
Another goal we wanted to accomplish was to create magic that would be easy to learn and easy to perform even by those who are new to magic. Currently we are developing a few new big magic projects and hope to release them soon.

We wish you all the best, and hope you enjoy our magic!

The Doorway Magic team.