Rich Magician's Money Mystery  | $6.50
This is a great bar and close up magic trick. Watch how people will be amazed when you borrow a bank note from them and then turn it into two.

The trick uses a borrowed note and needs only a few seconds of set up. There is not a real gimmick used for this trick but you will need a very cheap item from a magic store...
Bite Out Dollar | $14.95
Learn 3 ways to either tear or take a bite out of a borrowed dollar bill and then instantly make it whole again.
Bite Out Card  | $15.95
In Your Hand   | $8.75
Take a nice good bite out of a card and then spit it right back into place! Can be done with a borrowed deck of cards.
A great card switch that is easy to perform and will give great reactions!
Black-Heart   | $7.95
Learn how to change the "heart" of a card from it's original red to black. Check out the video to see this cool effect!
Wizards Choice | $7.95
Say Hello To My Little Friend |$11.95
Don't you just love stick figures?! This cute routine tells a magical story using a deck of cards. Great routine to show your friends!
An impossible two stage prophecy where you can discover the choices of your spectators!
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